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 Lifemusic.ru > Тексты песен > B > Bobby Valentino > Let Him Go

Текст песни Bobby Valentino - Let Him Go

Текст песни

(feat. Fabolous)

You don't need to prolong you can let him know, 
you ain't gotta hold on you can let him go
I know you probably need a soldier yo, 
you can tell him that Bobby V told you so.

You don't need to prolong you can let him know, 
you ain't gotta hold on you can let him go
I know you probably need a soldier yo, 
you can tell him that Loso told you so.

[Verse I]
I see the tempetures rising
It's too hot for you to stay in there
What he's puttin you through
It doesn't fit you and it's hurtin me deeply
From the best side of town
grew up with both parents around 
But your man dont know love 
so he can't show love I know you need it
In the beginning everything was fine
spending money on you all the time
Its never too late I'll help you escape and fly

Baby just let him go there's no tears left to cry
don't cry no more 
Baby just let him go, baby let go, and baby let go 
Baby just him go ain't nothin wrong 
with moving on to get what you want 
Baby just het him go,
Baby let go and baby let go 
Baby just let him go.

[Versr II]
You feeling all alone and scared
cuz you let him get in your head
He's filling your mind with all those lies
like without him your nothin
Baby dont believe a word 
he's gonna get what he deserves
But in the meantime just hop in my ride 
I'll show you what love is
Baby dont pack nothing
leave the memories and all that pain
Its never too late baby escape tonight

[Repeat chorus]

[Fabolous Rap]
They say when you had enough of em you let him go, 
Baby I aint into cuffin I let em know
Sometimes you gotta shuffle em and spread em slow 
And just when you think 
you bluffin em you let em show. 
I keep the poker face aint nothin funny son
Soon as the joker chase that's when the money run 
Like 21 I'm a winner who can make you fold that
n**** get a new hand 
New man and a new deck of cards 
you wanna play with squares buy a new checkerboard 
Dude check a broad if she too extra God 
I throw em out no problem to take em broads
Let em go I can be wit two naked broads
In a mansion have them two neckin hard
So baby lose your grip
You could use a trip away 
Fabolous vay cay

I know you dont need no help
but you can better by yourself 
You headed down a dead end road 
don't let him kill your soul 
My love is here for you even if you aint wit me 
Just promise you'll run away 
What im tryna to say

[Repeat chorus]

All you gotta do is just let him go [x8]

[Guitar solo]

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