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Счётчики / Counters

 Lifemusic.ru > Тексты песен > E > East-17 > It's Alright

Текст песни East-17 - It's Alright

Текст песни

Open the mind and unlock the door
So the soul can know what the heart has come for
Free the spirit that roams within
Mind confined, yet, designed to win
We gotta move and we'll prove
That we don't hold back
A little love in the land is what we lack
And it's a fact when a brother like me says so
Huh, let it all go

Don't you worry cause it's alright
Don't you worry child of the night
Cause in the morning come
With the new day sun
Love and everlasting light

Rock to the beat, to the beat quick-step
Rock to the rhythm, to the rhythm come check
Don't follow me, let's walk together
On to the path of love forever
Never looking back just keeping on
Cause the path of life is as hard as long
But that's alright, that's OK
Love's by our side till our dying day

Walking down a road that gets nowhere
Walking down a path it seems to never end
Looking for the answers to all of your problems
The love that's in your heart is the answer my friend

No don't be so sad, cause I'm right by your side
No don't be so sad, cause life is too short to live
No don't be so sad, I'll be mad if you're this
It's alright - the message that I give

We are the seed of the new breed
We'll succeed - our time has come
We are the new, these words are true
Let the light of love shine through

Listen to me, dreams can come true
Call out to love, it will answer you
Forget your troubles - smile
Let your heart speak a while
Let the light of love shine through

Take your nightmare, change to dream
Flow in the rhythm like a stream
Fear no evil, fear no man
Open up the mind and the beat goes "bam!"
Rhythm rolling, running smooth
Just like a little love sent to soothe
Ease the pressure, let it all go
Don't be afraid, let the feeling flow

"Hi babe it's me - don't say nothing
Let me just speak for a while
Y'know, I know what's going on in your head
I can see it in your eye
You've lost that little twinkle you used to have
I know there's problems in your head
There's problems in everyone's head
But you mustn't let them get to you
Anyway, I just rang to say
I wrote a little song for you
I hope it makes you feel good,
it goes like this:"

Don't you worry, don't be afraid
I know your hurting, I'll ease the pain
Your body's aching for pure love tonight
It's coming baby, babe it's alright

Will it be alright to hold your body close
And whisper in your ear
You're the one, the one I love the most
Treat your body good, you know I would
Like a lover should
Kiss and cuddle, hold and hope the love is good
Swimming in the stream
Perhaps drink a little wine
Make a little music, I've a song in mind
Things to put your picture on a spiritual structure
I'll open up the door to your dreams while I touch ya

I never meant it, time ticks away
Love's all around you, here to stay
I know sometimes, time's ain't so smooth
Spend a little time with me, let's write the book

Quaking feel your body shaking,
I can feel your heart beat
Pounding, sounding like a drum
Getting longer, yeah, faster, stronger
You need some love to ease, well I've got some
I'll hold you like the moon resting in the sky
Contemplating constellations in your eye
Could we take a dance, or a chance or three
Glance at the future and you will see
A little wave, a world of happiness
Coming to beneath the moon,
where beauty defies the night
So don't let 'em worry ya, don't let 'em hurry ya
Don't fear the future - the future's alright

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